Thailand - A New Beginning.

Traditional Wet Shaving Is Not New.

That's why they call it traditional wet shaving. It's not new to Bangkok and certainly not new to Thailand. Thailand has always had a tradition of wet shaving using double-edged safety razors and straight razors. In a world that looks to change the way we do things at every turn, it is not unusual that we have seen more disposable razors on bathroom benchtops than we do safety razors. The world likes change. It always has. But history has a habit of repeating. Traditional wet shaving is back. In fact, it never went away.

Traditional DE safety razors similar to the MÜHLE R89 have been used for generations by the men of Thailand. In the 1900's right through to the 1970's these razors would have been part of many a shaving kit from Bangkok to Chiang Mai from the far North to the deep South of Thailand. Ask your grandfather what he shaved with as a young man, and if he is still a young man, ask him what his father shaved with. You will probably be told he shaved with a safety razor or a straight razor. That's how it was done back then. It was the original traditional wet shave.

Gillette invented the safety razor in 1901. But then in 1976, they decided they had found a better way. They produced a cheap single blade blue plastic razor that was disposable. Then in time, there were double blades and triple blades, and now 6 and 7 blade razors. All disposable. Once these nasty little blue razors were cheap to buy and easy to throw away. Now they are expensive and just getting dearer as the days go by. And if you read up on the subject you will soon learn that dragging 4 or 5 blades across your face on a daily basis isn't that good for your skin. Funny about that.

Now let's look at the cost. Those cheap plastic blades aren't quite that cheap anymore. And once the company has you using one of their multi-blade shaving systems they own you. Replacement blades from 500 to 900 Baht. Four blades in a pack guaranteed to last you at least a month or 6 weeks. No wonder the push was on to market these multi blades worldwide with such gusto. Their industry is worth billions of your dollars year in and year out. And not to mention the toll on our surrounds. Where does all that disposable plastic end up?

A MÜHLE R89 traditional closed comb razor will cost you 1490 Baht. Not that much more expensive than a 6 blade disposable. But the difference is the R89 is a beautiful razor that will last you many many years if you look after it. The MÜHLE brand is a brand loved by traditional wet shavers the world over. When you buy into the brand you receive your investment back many times over the years. The blades used inevitably cost you around 10 Baht a blade, sometimes even cheaper. Each blade is good for 7 to 10 shaves or longer.

But most of all you learn to value your safety razor. It becomes a lifelong friend that lives with you, travels with you, you will admire it and talk about. Traditional shaving turns what used to be a mundane task into a hobby. Something to be enjoyed and something to relish. Each time you use it you will test yourself to see if you can get the closest shave ever. You will challenge yourself, and enjoy the challenge. Yes, traditional wet shaving is back. Just as Vinyl records outsell C.D's these days, and no one would have believed that in the 1980's. Traditional razors and the art of traditional wet shaving are back. It never really went away.

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This guest post was written by Peter Miles.

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