Muhle R89 Review - Thailand

Muhle R89 Review

The MÜHLE R89 is now available in Bangkok and throughout Thailand. As far as wet shave enthusiasts are concerned, MÜHLE has developed into one of the worlds most popular wet shaving companies since time began. Precision craftsmanship, beautiful and flawless chrome finishes, design, and a perfect shave all come to mind. The companies history is amazing, and the dedication of their staff is even more amazing. They all unabashedly sing the praises of this company that they all continue to build day after day. MÜHLE is a team effort and what a team. It's beyond doubt that MÜHLE has achieved to produce the finest wet shaving products available in the world today.

The MÜHLE R89 is a masterpiece. It is a razor that is precision built, sturdy in construction yet eloquent in design. This is a serious razor. It is gentle enough for beginners and tough enough for the old hands. The R89 is a closed comb razor which offers the right amount of protection yet a serious amount of sharp to get the job done. And what a beautiful job it does. Guide it with a steady hand and you can be assured of a gentle yet thorough shave. Weighing in at 64 grams it is a razor that is light enough to handle when transitioning from cheap cartridge razors. But it is superbly weighted with the head of the razor. 

The MÜHLE R89 belongs to a family of traditional wet shave razors produced by the company. There are different lengths of the handle and different weights as well, but one feature they all have in common is the beautiful shave head that does all of the work. The MÜHLE R89 itself is available only with a closed comb head, where some of its brothers offer a closed or an open head comb. The MÜHLE R41, for instance, is the twin brother, albeit with an open comb design. Many describe it as the most aggressive razor on the market. But aggressive in a good way. It does the heavy lifting on heavy beard growth.

Then it's on to the R89 Grande, the taller heavier version of the MÜHLE R89. It has a longer handle and weighs in at 80 grams. The same beautiful design and the same wonderful shaving experience. Then you have the MÜHLE R89 Twist. A two-piece razor. A masterpiece in design and longer and heavier yet again weighing in at 90 Grams. According to many, it offers an even smoother shave than the standard R89 which is hard to imagine as it is perfection to start with. So there you go. Thailand wet shave community, the MÜHLE R89 is now available to purchase exclusively through Man Of Siam - Thailand Wet Shave co.

Man Of Siam is based in Bangkok but delivers countrywide in Thailand from the farthest North to the deepest South. If you would like to know more about the MÜHLE R89 and you are in Thailand, feel free to message us.  Enjoy your shave - Buy a MÜHLE. It will be the best shaving decision you can make.

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