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CADWGAWN - Original Recipe Thai Shaving Soap

Jack Jarvis Shaving Soap Thailand

Since the early 18th century, shaving soaps have established themselves as an integral part of traditional wet shaving. Combined with a shaving brush the soap provides a light and dense lather which can then be applied to the skin and delicately massaged onto the face.

The use of a shaving brush and the right soap prepares the face for the ultimate shave. The swirling action of the brush combined with the lather softens the whiskers, exfoliates the skin, and provides a lubricated surface that should provide glide and cushion from the razor.

All Jack Jarvis soaps are made from elaborate recipes that prepare the skin and beard perfectly for a particularly careful and mild shave. Jack Jarvis soaps are all small batch handcrafted shave soaps prepared by a local artisan soap maker in Chiang Mai.

Jack Jarvis soaps are a 100% natural product using only the finest oils available. The scents are a mild perfume that is naturally derived from herbal blends of essential oils that are paired with each other with careful consideration.


Cadwgawns great grandpa's grandpa's original recipe shave soap, handed to Jack Jarvis on the voyage from Sydney Australia to Cadwgawns last known port of Thailand. This original blend recipe is a beautiful mix of exotic oils, and essential oils. A delight for all wet shavers with a bit of a seafaring devilish attitude to life. A salute to Cadwgawn and his pioneering life.

240 Gram

Thailand FDA Approved (10-1-6100016179)


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