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Man Of Siam is proud to be Thailand's newest registered trading partner with MERKUR of Solingen, Germany. We are excited to be bringing to Thailand a selection of MERKUR Safety Razors and <<DOVO>> Shavettes, and we are determined to bring you the best price, service and the right advice.



According to the documents held by the magistrate's court of the then independent local authority of Wald, near Solingen, the company »DOVO« Stahlwaren was founded in 1906. In the beginning, »DOVO« was purely a factory producing straight razors, with a forge and hollow grinding shop. The founders, Mr. Dorp and Mr. Voos, employed 13 staff.

By 1930, Solingen had become bigger through the incorporation of outlying villages, (including Wald), and a law was passed in 1938 to protect the name of Solingen giving it greater pride and security as well as a still greater sense of local identity. As Mr. Dorp and Mr. Voos wanted to retire, Fritz Bracht took over the »DOVO« company shortly before the second World War.

The company then continued to grow under Fritz Brachts leadership and vision, and the small knight with sword and hammer (The DOVO LOGO) made huge inroads into the markets of Western Europe and North America. Even as the 2nd world war ravaged the symbol of the knight managed to find its way abroad and become well established.




DOVO Aquisitions of brand names or companies:
1952 - brand name "Tennis" (straight razors) 
1957 - brand name "Bismarck" (straight razors) 
1957 - brand name "Ankerflagge" (straight razors) from the Carl Rader company 
1968 - Erich Hartkopf company. The scissors were joined by pocket knives of the brand name "Teufelskerle" 
1969 - brand name "Kronpunkt" (straight razors) from the Heups company 
1970 - brand name "Fontana" (straight razors) 
1973 - Heups & Hermes company (pedicure nippers and instruments) 
1996 - Merkur company (shaving equipment)

In 2006  »DOVO« celebrated 100 Years of trading and expanding.


Dovo Merkur Safety Razors 100 years celebration Man Of Siam Wet Shave Thailand


To celebrate their centenary <<DOVO>> dug deep into the archives and found many interesting gems and stories. They have been compiled here in a small jubilee brochure -  Take Some Time To Enjoy. 



»DOVO« Solingen is a name and a place which stands for quality, design and workmanship. Since 1906 they have engaged daily in the development, presentation and production of premium cutlery and shaving items. All over the world their products are valued highly, and they often last a lifetime with due care.



Diligent skilled workers craft the steel masterpieces with meticulous precision and with great craftsmanship. With their specialised expertise that has been handed down over generations, they all face the challenge of exceeding the already high standards of the Solingen ordinance. »DOVO« places heavy demands on high quality, in terms of functionality and design and will continue to serve their growing numbers of customers worldwide. Let's see what the next 100 years will bring.

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