MÜHLE VIVO CLOSED COMB SAFETY RAZOR Plum Wood Man Of Siam Wet Shave Thailand
1,690.00 ฿



  • MÜHLE Safety razor, compatible with classic razor blades
  • Plum Wood Tree with chrome metal highlights - Closed Comb

The Razor Handle - PLUM WOOD.

Designers, turners, and wood carvers have long since discovered the wood of the plum tree. They use the material for creating exclusive writing utensils, furniture, and musical instruments. We have included it in our collection because of its intriguing coloring and vivid grain. The wood is both hard and robust. To protect the wood against water, the surfaces are sealed once again with oil.

The Razor Head - Closed Comb - Classic razor blade.

For generations, the safety razor has been regarded as a stylish classic which can even shave edges with precision. For many, it is the razor par excellence. Its styling is ideally suited to the design of the MÜHLE products.

You will remember the quality long after you've forgotten the price. Choose from Germany's best-rated quality safety razors. Choose MÜHLE.

This Safety Razor is available in Thailand through Man Of Siam.

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