Welcome to Man Of Siam. Introducing our YouTube Channel for the Men Of Siam. Join Bia in his quest for finding the perfect men's grooming styles and products, focussing on MUHLE Safety razors and Jack Jarvis Face Care Bangkok. Bia will be showcasing many MUHLE products in coming months, as well as showing you how to use all of the Jack Jarvis shaving products including pre-shave oil, shaving soap, aftershave balms and more.

Wet shaving in the traditional way is more than just shaving. It becomes a passion. A wet shaver generally owns more than one razor, and in fact, they often build up a collection of razors and shaving brushes. They will usually have a collection of shaving soaps, and different face care products, swapping from one to another on a daily basis. Traditional wets shaving is fun, it's enjoyable, it's a lifestyle.

Wet shaving is growing in Thailand at a phenomenal rate as users are starting to talk about their experience, their razors of choice, the shaving products they like, enjoy and use. In fact, discussions about Thailand wet shave products are popping up on forums everywhere. And we at Man Of Siam are proud to be leaders in bringing Thailand an exclusive range and choice of products available to Thailand wet shavers.

Without further ado, here is Bia. In the coming months and years, he'll become an old friend. We look forward to working with you to help provide you with the perfect shave.




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